Dawn O'ConnellDawn O’Connell
Fiber Arts Bio

I am a creative artist with dyslexia working as a photographer since the mid-1990s, in 35mm SLR and in digital medium. For the last 23 years I’ve been utilizing fiber arts, first learning to crochet when I was 12. I learned to crochet, over the phone, from my aunt who was with a company based in NYC working with creative crochet designing. My style of crocheting is called “stabbing your work” which involves holding the hook and fiber backwards and working inverse from the standard method. I adopted this method as I inversed my aunt’s telephone directions.

This past year I have enjoyed a new venue for my work as a street vendor in downtown Burlington, Vermont. The Church Street Marketplace offers numerous shops and eateries. Several vehicle free blocks allows for a variety of street vendors to peddle their wares. My crocheted creations have been well received by folks from all over the globe.

As a fiber artist I worked creating my own patterns while continuing to learn new stitches and styles of crochet. Working with patterns requires that I invert the instructions to adapt to my personal method of crocheting. Ironically this has opened me up to more creativity. I am not restricted to follow standard directions allowing me to develop my own designs.

I love discovering rich colors and fibers with texture as I work with a multitude of blends. My products include hats, scarves, pillows, fingerless gloves, crocheted vintage button necklaces, bags, and blankets. My fiber creations in crochet are designed to be beautiful to the eye and pleasurable to the touch. I hope to create unique objects that can be worn and cherished.